Thesis Asset Management Choose Pulse

Pulse is delighted to announce that Thesis Asset Management has elected to implement Pulse Symphony as its new Front Office system. Greg Dalton, Chartered FCSI and Chief Operating Officer at Thesis explained the selection process that they undertook and the reasons for selecting Symphony:

"In order to determine which service provider would best suit the needs of our investment managers, and best enable them to service our clients, we assembled a team in Thesis that had exposure to every facet of our investment process and included people from the front, middle and back office. This team started by searching the market for service providers who specialise in offering front-end investment management software. Having arrived at a shortlist of potential candidates, each provider was invited to present their product to the selection team. We then scored each individually on the matters that we deemed important via our weighted scoring system, finally arriving at a total score for each provider. In its initial stage this process was carried out without the knowledge of cost which we felt could skew the way in which we might react or that it might lead us to formulate a preconceived bias. The consensus was that Symphony would best suit the needs of Thesis. Symphony scored very highly in our weighted scoring system and offered the best value for money. Additionally we felt that with Symphony being a relatively new product this offered Thesis a great opportunity to tailor the product to our requirements via a collaborative relationship with Pulse that has been in place for over a decade. A key benefit of Symphony is the ability to efficiently return critical information from across the entire organisational structure at multiple levels. Users are able to quickly analyse asset exposure, model comparisons, risk, performance and fees to ensure that all areas of the operation are meeting specific investment, compliance and business objectives."

Paul Mepham, Commercial Director at Pulse says: "The take up of Symphony both amongst new and existing clients is a tremendous endorsement of the very significant levels of investment that have been made in the product. With new functionality and connectivity being added all the time we confidently expect new sales and upgrades to strongly continue."