Systems Integration

At Pulse, we recognise that while we genuinely believe that Symphony is the best wealth management system available, our clients will use other systems internally for a variety of purposes such as accounting and financial planning. Like Symphony, these systems are integral to their businesses and invariably all systems have common areas. In addition, our clients will use third parties for services such as custody, dealing, SIPP provision and performance analytics. For this reason, Symphony has links to a range of different third party applications for the purposes of dealing, reconciliation, reporting, SIPP provider reporting, IFA system update, life company product reporting, trade reporting to custodians and performance analytics.

The system has the flexibility to use a variety of methodologies to connect, so it is rare that we encounter requirements that have not previously been met or that may not be readily accommodated.

Systems Implementation

Pulse has recently assisted Psigma Investment Management in taking on the clients of AXA Framlington following their recent acquisition. This implementation project was completed inside five months from initial order to being live, which is typical of the efficiency with which Pulse caters for such take-ons. Indeed, this compares very favourably with Pulse’s competitors, one of which has been working unsuccessfully for the last four years with one client and two years with another. In fact, anecdotal evidence, backed up by our own research, suggests the following timescales to be true:

Company A4 months
Company B5 months
Company C5 months
Company D9 months
Competitor Implementations
Company A4 years so far and still not live
Company B2 years so far and still not live
Company C2 years and gave up
Company D1 year so far and still not live