Client Reporting

Concise, accurate, flexible and well-presented reporting is a critical part of any investment operation. Symphony provides comprehensive, user definable reporting allowing complete freedom of design.

As standard, users can create their own report packs to support any specific client or product objectives, as well as schedule and diarise production runs to coincide with periodic client reviews and key operational processes. With the ability to combine your own market and personalised commentaries alongside KYC, valuation, performance, capital and income transactions, custody and comprehensive tax schedules you can be assured that your clients are receiving the very best levels of service.

Symphony reporting provides a complete end-to-end solution for report design, data collection and automated distribution. With its integrated process driven architecture and inbuilt distributed processing to handle large scale volumes, wealth managers can fully automate the production, distribution and delivery of client information in a fraction of the time that it traditionally takes to generate these reports.