The Solution For

Symphony provides an extensive range of tools to readily provide investment managers with all of the data required to manage the portfolios under their control.

Investment Managers


A highly flexible structure, incorporating real-time positions, dynamic portfolio restrictions, fund look-through, exclusions and 'what if?' views applied across any hierarchical level.

Performance Measurement

The Symphony performance engine uses the Modified Dietz methodology which achieves an industry standard and widely employed and recognised time-weighted return. This method has full recognition of capital and income transactions, portfolio movements and fees and calculates the capital and total return on both a net of fee and gross of fee basis. Current and periodic performance can be calculated at any frequency and presented graphically against benchmarks, market indices and composites.

Portfolio Modelling & Rebalancing

Highly flexible model portfolios can be defined to cater for a diversified range of investment and risk objective models. Models may be maintained at sector level to support active management through stock picking or down to individual security level to support high volume automated management of portfolios.

Currency Hedging

Pulse allows the wealth manager to identify portfolio currency and asset exposure and where appropriate implement complementary hedging strategies.

Meeting Liquidity Objectives

Utilising a cash ladder, users can determine their own interpretation of liquidity, based upon settled/unsettled cash, fees due, income and standing orders to determine cash available for investment.


Orders can be easily generated at any hierarchical level for single or multiple portfolios before being automatically passed to the dealing desk for execution.

A range of tools allow for the straightforward application of targeted investment objectives and ensure that mandates and regulatory requirements are not breached.

CGT Modelling & Analysis

A highly sophisticated Capital Gains Tax engine is accessible from all relevant areas within the system, allowing any potential CGT position to be viewed in conjunction with available YTD allowances. In addition, where wealth managers need to consider specific client requests, such as raising an amount of cash or utilising available allowances, the associated CGT position can be analysed and fully considered to ensure adherence with tax objectives.

Pre & Post Trade Compliance

Symphony incorporates a sophisticated and flexible rules based suite supporting both pre and post trade compliance to ensure that investment policies fully comply with both regulatory and mandate requirements.